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HOWTO: iPhone AT&T Tethering

In 10 steps:

  • Update iTunes to 8.2 via Software Update
  • Update your iPhone to the 3.0 release (out today - June 17th)
  • Download this dmg and mount it: tethering file
  • Enable hidden carrier testing option (in defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE
  • Start up iTunes
  • Go to you iPhone's summary page
  • Option-Click the Restore button
  • Select the ATT_US.ipcc file from your mounted dmg (step 3)
  • Open Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering on your iPhone and switch it ON
  • When your computer is connected via USB you will see a dialog to open network preferences. Open it and hit apply.

If you have problems with visual voicemail after this follow these steps (thanks to luigi for pointing this out):

  • Connect your iPhone and fire up iTunes
  • Option-click on the Restore button like you did before
  • Navigate to [your-username]/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support
  • Click on the file in there to reset your carrier settings
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