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(defvar rotate-text-rotations
("true" "false")
("def" "defp")
("if" "else" "unless")
("yes" "no"))
"List of text rotation sets.")
(defun rotate-region (beg end)
"Rotate all matches in `rotate-text-rotations' between point and mark."
(interactive "r")
(let ((regexp (rotate-convert-rotations-to-regexp
(end-mark (copy-marker end)))
(goto-char beg)
(while (re-search-forward regexp (marker-position end-mark) t)
(let* ((found (match-string 0))
(replace (rotate-next found)))
(replace-match replace))))))
(defun rotate-string (string &optional rotations)
"Rotate all matches in STRING using associations in ROTATIONS.
If ROTATIONS are not given it defaults to `rotate-text-rotations'."
(let ((regexp (rotate-convert-rotations-to-regexp
(or rotations rotate-text-rotations)))
(start 0))
(while (string-match regexp string start)
(let* ((found (match-string 0 string))
(replace (rotate-next
(or rotations rotate-text-rotations))))
(setq start (+ (match-end 0)
(- (length replace) (length found))))
(setq string (replace-match replace nil t string))))
(defun rotate-next (string &optional rotations)
"Return the next element after STRING in ROTATIONS."
(let ((rots (rotate-get-rotations-for
(or rotations rotate-text-rotations))))
(if (> (length rots) 1)
(error (format "Ambiguous rotation for %s" string))
(if (< (length rots) 1)
;; If we get this far, this should not occur:
(error (format "Unknown rotation for %s" string))
(let ((occurs-in-rots (member string (car rots))))
(if (null occurs-in-rots)
;; If we get this far, this should *never* occur:
(error (format "Unknown rotation for %s" string))
(if (null (cdr occurs-in-rots))
(caar rots)
(cadr occurs-in-rots))))))))
(defun rotate-get-rotations-for (string &optional rotations)
"Return the string rotations for STRING in ROTATIONS."
(remq nil (mapcar (lambda (rot) (if (member string rot) rot))
(or rotations rotate-text-rotations))))
(defun rotate-convert-rotations-to-regexp (rotations)
(regexp-opt (rotate-flatten-list rotations)))
(defun rotate-flatten-list (list-of-lists)
"Flatten LIST-OF-LISTS to a single list.
(rotate-flatten-list '((a b c) (1 ((2 3)))))
=> (a b c 1 2 3)"
(if (null list-of-lists)
(if (listp list-of-lists)
(append (rotate-flatten-list (car list-of-lists))
(rotate-flatten-list (cdr list-of-lists)))
(list list-of-lists))))
(defun rotate-word-at-point ()
"Rotate word at point based on sets in `rotate-text-rotations'."
(let ((bounds (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'word))
(opoint (point)))
(when (consp bounds)
(let ((beg (car bounds))
(end (copy-marker (cdr bounds))))
(rotate-region beg end)
(goto-char (if (> opoint end) end opoint))))))
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