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Last active Oct 12, 2020
List of all Government of India domains
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Created Jul 10, 2020
INR Data Days Valid Cost in USD Cost in USD/day
19 2GB 1 0.2527 0.2527
56 1.5GB/day 14 0.7448 0.0532
78 Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 80 Kbps after 3 GB/day 8 1.0374 0.12967
97 U/L data with speed reduced to 80 kbps after 2.0GB/day 18 1.2901 0.07167
98 Unlimited Data speed reduced to 40 Kbps after 2GB/day 22 1.3034 0.05925
198 2GB/day 54 2.6334 0.04877
448 Unlimited DATA with speed reduced to 40 Kbps after 1GB/Day 84 5.9584
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Last active Jun 17, 2020
What does it take to change text from British to American english?

The patch below details the changes between JK Rowling's differences in the British and American editions.

The changes do not include changes in quotes:

  • British edition uses single quotes for dialog
  • while the American edition uses double quotes).

Since all quotes are ignored for this calculation, the diff might look incorrect at some places.

The emdash differences might be my fault - need to double check those

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Created Mar 6, 2020
Yes Bank affected Co-op Banks
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Created Mar 3, 2020
SBI Branch Locator Automate

Create a file called ids.txt Put in all branch IDs you can find for SBI. Run to get data from the SBI website.

You might have to update the cookies.

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Last active Dec 16, 2019
yubikey swap

Instructions to self to follow if you need to use the second YUBIKEY. THis is required till is resolved

sudo killall -9 ssh-agent gpg-agent
cd .gnupg/private-keys-v1.d
rm A7E4CAC527963BB0603F6E853738D2B50DCDCE91.key
rm C996662E616AD37885CF87BC1EE05AA1B0766081.key
rm DE6B3E9E1A3FCE768E6837A62E9F9A0B55ECA262.key
captn3m0 / CT.json
Created Nov 4, 2019
Sample BookMyShow Event JSON
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"EventCode": "ET00114380",
"ImageCode": "vidya-vox-mad-dreams-tour-et00114380-2019-10-11-t-15-45-47",
"EventTitle": "Vidya Vox - Mad Dreams Tour",
"EventType": "CT",
"Genre": "Music Shows",
"GenreArray": [
"Music Shows"
"Language": "Hindi/English",
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Created Oct 29, 2019
HackerEarth API timeout (v3)
#! -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import requests
# constants
RUN_URL = u''
CLIENT_SECRET = '54ba59feaff5eb3bc7541937035dd44f8e629065'
source = "print 'Hello World'"
captn3m0 / aws-missing-in-mumbai.txt
Last active Sep 25, 2019
List of AWS services missing in Mumbai Region
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Alexa for Business
Application Discovery Service
AppStream 2.0
Cloud Directory
CloudHSM Classic
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