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Latex example to go with article
\documentclass[12pt, letterpaper, titlepage]{article}
% font size could be 10pt (default), 11pt or 12 pt
% paper size could be letterpaper (default), legalpaper, executivepaper,
% a4paper, a5paper or b5paper
% side could be oneside (default) or twoside
% columns could be onecolumn (default) or twocolumn
% graphics could be final (default) or draft
% titlepage could be notitlepage (default) or titlepage which
% makes an extra page for title
% paper alignment could be portrait (default) or landscape
% equations could be
% default number of the equation on the right and equation centered
% leqno number on the left and equation centered
% fleqn number on the right and equation on the left side
\title{Article about HTML code using \LaTeX{2e} }
\author{Carlos Araya \\
Your Company / University \\
The Other Dude \\
His Company / University \\
% \date{\today} date could be today
% \date{25.12.00} or be a certain date
% \date{ } or there is no date
% Hint: \title{what ever}, \author{who care} and \date{when ever} could stand
% before or after the \begin{document} command
% BUT the \maketitle command MUST come AFTER the \begin{document} command!
Short introduction to subject of the paper \ldots
%\tableofcontents % create a table of contents
Make it possible for all to write documents with \LaTeX{}!
\subsection{more introduction}
Go more in detail \ldots
\subsubsection{even more introduction}
come to the point \ldots
A paragraph is small but
subparagraphs are smaller!
First we start with a little example of the article class, which is an
important documentclass. But there would be other documentclasses like
book \ref{book}, report \ref{report} and letter \ref{letter} which are
described in Section \ref{documentclasses}. Finally, Section
\ref{conclusions} gives the conclusions.
\section{Documentclasses} \label{documentclasses}
\item article
\item book
\item report
\item letter
\item article
\item book
\item report
\item letter
\item[article\label{article}]{Article is \ldots}
\item[book\label{book}]{The book class \ldots}
\item[report\label{report}]{Report gives you \ldots}
\item[letter\label{letter}]{If you want to write a letter.}
No paper without a tabular!
first column & second column & third column & fourth column \\
l stand for left & c for center & r for right & and p for predefined size \\
\section{some math}
Math in text is called in line math just put \$ character around
the math think. Like $ a^2 + b^2 = c^2 $. It looks better if you use
\[a^2 + b^2 = c^2\]
There is no longer \LaTeX{} example which was written by \cite{doe}.
\bibitem[Doe]{doe} \emph{First and last \LaTeX{} example.},
John Doe 50 B.C.
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