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Collection of slides from #vuejsamsterdam 2019

Day 1

Time Speaker(s) Title
08:45 Evan You State of the Vuenion (Founder of Vue.js)
09:00 Sarah Drasner
Guillaume Chau
Advanced Animations with Vue.JS (Vue.js Core Team)
SSR revolution with Vue 2.6
09:35 Tim Benniks Vue.js for L'oreal, a case study (Director of Frontend @Valtech Paris)
10:45 Jen Looper NativeScript-Vue + ML = The Great MiniBar Challenge: MixoLogy (Developer Advocate at Progress)
11:15 Filip Rakowski Modern Web Apps Performance Tricks with PWA and Vue.js (Founder Vue Storefront)
11:50 Sara Vieira GraphQL + Apollo + Vue.js = Magic (Developer Advocate for @YLDio)
13:00 Maya Shavin Media for everyone - how to make your Vue Apps accessible for all users (Senior Frontend Developer at Cloudinary)
14:30 Natalia Tepluhina Desktop Applications with Vue (CTO at Vue Vixens)
15:05 Damian Dulisz Designing Components in Vue (Vue.js Core Team)
16:15 Natalia Tepluhina & Jen Looper Latest news on Vue Vixens (Vue Vixens)
16:45 Nader Dabit Full Stack Vue in the Era of Serverless Computing (Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services)
17:20 Jacob Schatz Phenomenal design patterns in Vue using Vuex with Spiders (Staff Developer at Gitlab)

Day 2

Time Speaker(s) Title
08:45 Guillaume Chau How to craft a Vue CLI Plugin (Vue.js Core Team)
09:00 Alex Kyriakidis and Rolf Haug Static Site Generation is Awesome (Founders
09:35 Sean Larkin Everything's a plugin: Understanding webpack from the inside out (webpack Core Team)
10:45 Eduardo San Martin Morote Make your Vue apps Lighter by being lazy (Vue.js Core Team)
11:15 Thorsten Linusborg Vue CLI – How to write components with it (Vue.js Core Team)
11:50 Quique Fernandez Guerra Empowering Vue with TypeScript, Inversify, Vuex and some other super tools. (Development Engineer at Plain Concepts)
13:00 Gregg Pollack Introduction to Nuxt.js - Nuxt explained Visually (Founder of Vue Mastery)
14:30 Sébastien & Alexandre Chopin (Nuxt.js Chopin Brothers) Nuxt.js 2019 (Creators of Nuxt.js)
15:05 Roman Kuba Next Level Jest Testing with Vue.js (Vue.js Expert at Codeship)
16:15 Filipa Lacerda How we learned the hard why following a flux pattern matters and how to avoid other mistakes in state management. (Senior Frontend Engineer at Gitlab)
16:45 Callum Macrae Accesssibility with Vue.js (Vue.js Core Team & Author of Vuejs: Up and Running)
17:20 Chris Fritz Visualizations using SVG, Canvas, and WebGL in Vue (Vue.js Core Team & Vue News Podcast)
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