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Implements a simple json traverse as the only call in jQuery onReady to find all '_load' methods on classes and call them within their own scope. Allows easy adding of new 'classes' within that known namespace that control their own load and private vars
// Single jquery onload action covers all namespaced items
$(function () { traverse(myNamespace); });
// Identify all _load methods in the namespace and call them within their own object scope
var traverse = function(jsonObj, parentObj, name) {
if (typeof (jsonObj) == "object") {
parentObj = jsonObj;
$.each(jsonObj, function(k,v) {
traverse(v, parentObj, k);
} else if (typeof(jsonObj) == "function") {
if (name == "_load")
/* An example namespace with a myItem 'class' and a simple load method attaching an event to a DOM element. privateMsgText is unavailable to external callers and must be set via setMessage method */
var myNamespace= {};
myNamespace.myItem = function () {
var privateAnchorId = 'test', privateMsgText = 'message!!';
return {
_load: function () {
var that = this;
$('#' + privateAnchorId ).click(function () {
return false;
showMessage: function (msg) {
setMessage: function (msg) {
privateMsgText = msg;
} ();
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