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Django Jinja2 backend subclass with context processor support
class Jinja2Backend(jinja2backend.Jinja2):
def __init__(self, params):
self.context_processors = [
for p in params['OPTIONS'].pop('context_processors', [])
super(Jinja2Backend, self).__init__(params)
def from_string(self, template_code):
return Template(
self.env.from_string(template_code), self.context_processors)
def get_template(self, template_name):
return Template(
self.env.get_template(template_name), self.context_processors)
except jinja2.TemplateNotFound as exc:
six.reraise(TemplateDoesNotExist, TemplateDoesNotExist(exc.args),
except jinja2.TemplateSyntaxError as exc:
six.reraise(TemplateSyntaxError, TemplateSyntaxError(exc.args),
class Template(jinja2backend.Template):
def __init__(self, template, context_processors):
self.template = template
self.context_processors = context_processors
def render(self, context=None, request=None):
if context is None:
context = {}
if request is not None:
context['request'] = request
lazy_csrf_input = csrf_input_lazy(request)
context['csrf'] = lambda: lazy_csrf_input
context['csrf_input'] = lazy_csrf_input
context['csrf_token'] = csrf_token_lazy(request)
for cp in self.context_processors:
return self.template.render(context)
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