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grub2 (2.00-15co2endless1) eos; urgency=low
* debian/patches/endless-disable-messages-[1,2].patch:
Pick two patches from Fedora to suppress initial messages from GRUB.
* debian/patches/endless-fix-freetype-include.patch:
Fix build against new FreeType
Author: Cosimo Cecchi <>
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--- grub2-2.00.orig/grub-core/commands/blscfg.c
+++ grub2-2.00/grub-core/commands/blscfg.c
@@ -33,17 +33,17 @@
-#define GRUB_LINUX_CMD "linuxefi"
-#define GRUB_INITRD_CMD "initrdefi"
-#define GRUB_BLS_CONFIG_PATH "/EFI/fedora/loader/entries/"
-#define GRUB_BOOT_DEVICE "($boot)"
+//#define GRUB_LINUX_CMD "linuxefi"
+//#define GRUB_INITRD_CMD "initrdefi"
+//#define GRUB_BLS_CONFIG_PATH "/EFI/fedora/loader/entries/"
+//#define GRUB_BOOT_DEVICE "($boot)"
#define GRUB_LINUX_CMD "linux"
#define GRUB_INITRD_CMD "initrd"
#define GRUB_BLS_CONFIG_PATH "/loader/entries/"
#define GRUB_BOOT_DEVICE "($root)"
static int parse_entry (
const char *filename,
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