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Erlang Base64
-module (base64ex).
-export ([urlsafe_decode64/1, urlsafe_encode64/1]).
urlsafe_decode64(Str) ->
Str2 = re:replace(Str, "-", "+", [global, {return,list}]),
Str3 = re:replace(Str2, "_", "/", [global, {return,list}]),
urlsafe_encode64(Bin) ->
Bin2 = base64:encode(Bin),
Bin3 = re:replace(binary_to_list(Bin2), "\\+", "-", [global, {return,list}]),
re:replace(Bin3, "/", "_", [global, {return,list}]).

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commented Dec 30, 2016

Can you write "money denomination" code in erlang Language ?

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