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Created May 20, 2019 12:28
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china talks

Progressive Delivery: Continuous Delivery the Right Way

Progressive Delivery makes it easier to adopt Continuous Delivery, by deploying new versions to a subset of users and evaluating their correctness and performance before rolling them to the totality of the users, and rolled back if not matching some key metrics. Canary deployments is one of the techniques in Progressive Delivery, used in companies like Facebook to roll out new versions gradually. But good news! you don't need to be Facebook to take advantage of it.

We will demo how to create a fully automated Progressive Delivery pipeline with Canary deployments and rollbacks in Kubernetes using Jenkins X and Flagger, a project that uses Istio and Prometheus to automate Canary rollouts and rollbacks.

Jenkins X: Next Generation Cloud Native CI/CD

Jenkins X is an open source CI/CD platform for Kubernetes based on Jenkins. It runs on Kubernetes and transparently uses on demand containers to run build agents and jobs, and isolate job execution. It enables CI/CD-as-code using automated deployments of commits and pull requests using Skaffold, Helm and other popular open source tools.

Jenkins X integrates Tekton, a new project created at Google and part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, for serverless CI/CD pipelines. Jobs run in Kubernetes Pods using containers scaling up as needed, and down, so you don't pay if no jobs are running.

Carlos Sanchez specializes in software automation, from build tools to Continuous Delivery. Involved in Open Source for over 15 years, he is the author of the Jenkins Kubernetes plugin and a member of the Apache Software Foundation amongst other open source groups, contributing to several projects, such as Jenkins or Apache Maven. He works at CloudBees enabling scalable and cloud native deployments of the Jenkins platform and democratizing Continuous and Progressive Delivery.

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