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jenkins-x alibaba china

Using jx cli 2.0.283 and platform 2.0.634

jx install \
  --provider alibaba \
  --default-admin-password=admin \
  --default-environment-prefix=jx-rocks-china \
  --tekton \ \
  --docker-registry-org=jx-rocks \
  --cloud-environment-repo= \
  -b \

however when accessing ingresses we get

Kindly Reminder中文English
The website is unable to access for the moment
Sorry, the website is unable to access for the moment. According to the filing requirements of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the website is accessible only if the ICP information is accurate and the ICP license is filed.Please contact the person in charge of the website for assisstance.

Click here to get more details about ICP Filing.
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