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@carlsednaoui / Secret
Last active Oct 16, 2016

Sample to-do list for blog post

To do

  • Post to Hacker News
  • Share HN post on Twitter


  • Raise $1MM
  • Retire

New: Nested TODOs

  • Top level task
    • Subtask 1
    • Subtask 2
    • Subtask 3

Could do with a bit in the article about updating the list when mobile.


Good point @davidyell, haven't looked at mobile yet. Will see how it's done and will update the post.

Thanks for the tip!


I wonder if the GitHub Mobile app can do this?


On Android at least, the GitHub mobile app does not render Markdown, so no check boxes.


There is no official iOS app AFIK. iOctocat does not render MD either.

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