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A small collection of generic CoffeeScript helper functions.
# shorthand wrapper for `console.log`
put = (args...) -> console.log args...
# initialise undefined vars: `[a, b, c] = init 3`
init = (amount) -> undefined for n in [1..amount]
# decorator for defining constructors (see
factory = (mutator) -> (args...) ->
mutator (self = Object.create null), args...
return self
# decorator for defining blessings (see
bless = (mutator) -> (self, args...) ->
mutator self, args...
return self
Employee = factory (self, name, salary) -> = name
self.salary = salary
self.raise = (amount) -> self.salary += amount
addVoice = bless (self) ->
self.greet = ->
put "Hi, my name is #{}."
put "I currently earn $#{self.salary}."
alice = Employee "Alice", 50000
addVoice alice
alice.raise 10000
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