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Undo commit and push to the wrong branch
# Credit to
# Ensure you're in the branch that you commited to by accident.
git checkout master
# Reset the branch back one commit.
git reset --soft HEAD^
# Stash the changes
git stash
# Checkout the branch it should be in
git checkout develop
# Apply the stash
git stash apply
# Commit the changes just as you did before, you will need to rewrite the message.
git commit.........
# Push the changes to our develop branch
git push origin develop
# Checkout the original branch
git checkout master
# Force push the commit deletion to the original branch.
git push --force origin master
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wow this is just what I needed

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Saved me several google searches...thank you!

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muchezz commented Aug 27, 2020

Thank you! This really saved me.

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