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Looking for someone to help with UX and Front End Dev for Industrial IoT Web Tool

Hello all,

The project

I'm looking for a someone (ideally in Melbourne) to help out with UX and front end dev on a bit of a different project. This is a web tool to capture customer's specifications, to pass into an international industrial IoT system which manufactures custom products on demand.

Yes, that means your UI will feed factory robots in several locations around the world. Yes, that is kind of interesting and cool :-)

SEO and graphic design are much lower priority than the UX of that main tool where customers input specifications. Visual presentation of the custom-built product will be required, and could be anything from simple to rich HTML5 canvas representation or an SVG graphic generated on the back end (you and I will decide the best solution for the project, and that could be iteratively more complex). We're building this project for the future, so we want to use the latest best practices and approaches, and we want to do it right.

The project is a fresh build, sitting over a .NET CMS that I'm taking care of. You won't need to worry too much about the CMS - your front end stuff and mine will mostly communicate through JSON APIs. I can build whatever you need. You'll take charge of the UX and front end, and I'll take care of the back end. Your choice of frameworks and tools should be modern, stable, and widely used. React vs Angular, Gulp vs Grunt vs Webpack? It's up to you.

The client

My client is small Australian manufacturer operating here and in Europe, and who has won awards in Europe for leading the charge into Industry 4.0. They're motivated, passionate, forward-thinking, agile-minded, and quality-focussed, and frankly the client and the project are delightful. They've been exploring case studies of good UI design and are excited to begin this part of the project with you.


Hi! I'm Carly. I've been working with this client for a few months so far, and have whipped up simple bootstrapped prototypes of this tool to feed the logic I've been building (you'll probably nuke most of what I've done there, and that's fine). I'm a back end dev based in Melbourne, and I'm a freelancer in .NET and Kentico CMS, the CMS they've chosen to underpin the system. I know just enough front end stuff to know that my skills won't give this project the outcomes we want. That's where you come in.


Ideally, the person I'm looking for will:

  • Have a passion for web UX and be well-read on best practice, case studies, examples and approaches.
  • Share our values of quality and goal-oriented work, with an eye to the future.
  • Have solid responsive front end dev skills, be very comfortable with HTML5 standards and a good knowledge of browser compatibility for the latest features.
  • Have experience in dynamic graphic representation on the web - I think canvas could be a large part of this work, so you should be confident with that.
  • Have experience with tool/interaction interfaces. Your focus will be less on content and information architecture, and more on input, interaction and feedback. A customer portal area is part of this project.
  • Be based in/near Melbourne so you and I can easily work together as needed. I'm used to remote work, and we're flexible on work hours and work location.
  • Be prepared to travel to Sydney from time to time as required, for face-to-face time with the client (expenses covered, of course)
  • Be a proactive communicator and well-organised

The timing

  • The sooner the better.
  • I anticipate it could be a month or two of work, but the longer view of projects and planned improvements is likely to mean repeat work if the relationship is going well.

Please get in touch with me to chat if this is of interest to you. I'm @carly_io on Twitter, or via email.

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