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Interactive Geo Maps WordPress Plugin Addon - Add custom icon to list of available icons - Pro Version only
* Plugin Name: Interactive Geo Maps - Custom Icon
* Description: Adds custom icons to Interactive Geo Maps plugin
* Version: 1.0
* Requires PHP: 7.0
* Author: Carlos Moreira
* Author URI:
add_filter( 'igm_available_icons', 'igm_custom_marker_icon' );
function igm_custom_marker_icon( $list ) {
$list['custom_marker'] = [
'title' => 'Custom Marker',
'path' => 'm10,0.40566c-3.97385,0 -7.19575,3.2219 -7.19575,7.19575s5.99646,11.99292 7.19575,11.99292s7.19575,-8.01907 7.19575,-11.99292s-3.2219,-7.19575 -7.19575,-7.19575zm0,11.99292c-2.64564,0 -4.79717,-2.15273 -4.79717,-4.79717s2.15153,-4.79717 4.79717,-4.79717s4.79717,2.15273 4.79717,4.79717s-2.15153,4.79717 -4.79717,4.79717z',
return $list;
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