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Asked on Twitter for recommendations for materials for a road trip - compiled list
Original tweet:
"I have a multi day drive coming up soon - please send over your best podcasts, TED talks, hacker talks, cruising music.
I'll have my teenage daughter with me so topics other than infosec are welcome. Bonus points if on spotify and i can save
to offline listen"
List from the replies:
NPR "Car Talk" podcast with the "Click and Clack Brothers"
No Such Thing As A Fish.
I always enjoy the podcast from Jay Rayner, British food critic who takes famous people out for lunch
Terry Pratchett audiobooks
Chris Nickerson’s TED talk
How the magic of kindness helped me survive the Holocaust | Werner Reich
TED Talks Daily
Wardley Mapping with Ben Mosior, Hired Thought
Agile Uprising Podcast
Episode 12: Marcus Carey and the Four Agreements
Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. Great deep dives into some amazing parts of history
8 ted talks recommended by students for students
History of England - Documentary
How about audible? I've become a huge fan lately. Some of our favorite road trip material:
* Stephanie Plum series
* Surprise, Kill, Vanish
* Artemis Fowl series
If you like fiction try Welcome to Night Vale, Within The Wires, The Adventure Zone, or The Beef and Dairy Network.
If you want the best spoof of true crime investigation, Whatever Happened To Pizza At McDonalds has been going for like 3+ years.
Joe Rogan Experience #1361 - Cmdr. David Fravor & Jeremy Corbell
Literally anything told by Jim Weiss. It will be entertaining, family friendly and exceptionally well done. Even the stuff
geared for the very young is enjoyable by adults.
StoryCorps NPR
crime junkie podcast
13 minutes to the moon
#104 The Case of the Phantom Caller
Human Error in Volatile Situations
If you’re into the minutiae of nerd culture check out the Wizard and The Bruiser Podcast, they DEEEEP dive on classic games,
movies, comics, etc
WeegieCast Dave & Andy
Radiolab WNYC Studios
I Spy podcast by Foreign Policy. I've picked a few and they've all been interesting. Might have hit the good ones though.
Philosophize this
astonishing legends podcast
Stuff you missed in history podcast.
Interview with the Robot
Marvels podcast (based on the graphic novel) is starting out pretty good
The ghost map was really good. Story about dissecting a deadly cholera outbreak in London.
There are some in-character shadowrun(Pen and Paper RPG) themed podcasts like the one from @Unicorn_Opti or @ArcologyPodcast or @CritSquadCast that are super great to listen.
Also you might want to check @symbolcrash1 for hackertalk
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck - Audiobook
99% Invisible (@99piorg)
The Way I Heard It with @mikeroweworks
Throw in @DarknetDiaries and @MaliciousLife too! The 1st season of ML is an amazing look back at CyberSec history.
The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong | Amy Morin | TEDxOcala
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