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<label class="currency-picker__wrapper">
<span class="currency-picker__label">Pick a currency</span>
<select class="currency-picker" name="currencies" style="display: inline; width: auto; vertical-align: inherit;">
{% assign supported_codes = settings.supported_currencies | split: ' ' %}
<option value="{{ shop.currency }}" selected="selected">{{ shop.currency }}</option>
{% for code in supported_codes %}
{% if code != shop.currency and codes contains code %}
<option value="{{ code }}">{{ code }}</option>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

hello - I have installed this but it does not look like yours - when I download the Gist and open it looks great but on my website the currency drop down menu is way to wide - its not neat and discrete - it goes the width of the page - how do I change this please?


carolineschnapp commented May 10, 2015

@birdboho Use a max-width on the select element. See what I added to my snippet:

style="max-width: 100px"

carolineschnapp commented May 10, 2015

Even better, use style="display: inline; width: auto;"

hello how can i remover or round up or down the amounts like from currency to the other i don't want the cents and pennies and all deicmals how can i remove that from all the currencies that are being displaied

hello, I installed your script and it works great, is there any way that I can place it at the top of my shops site, next to the cart icon? thanks for your help.

paulmist commented Sep 5, 2015

Great snippet.

Any ideas on including the currency's symbol next to the country code? I'm trying…

Jemmey commented Sep 12, 2015


I followed the step by step guide from Shopify at the link below and while everything else works, the price for the product doesn't change from one currency to another, instead it only displays the default currency.

what could I have done wrong?

I am using Minimal Music Live theme.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone with suggestions on what/where I slipped up.

Thanks, Jem

Great snippet, for sure!
Now, how do I get it to work with ajaxify-cart-template.liquid in the Timber theme?

Many thanks.

Hi i need help!

I cant find where to put the currency picker code on the theme liquid! pls help!!!

Great snippet!
Can any one help? I want to ad flags to this??

shawnma commented Nov 15, 2017

It works for me. Thanks.

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