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Frontend Changes Checklist

Frontend Change Checklist

  • Have you verified your change doesn't have any negative impact when using different browsers?
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Edge
  • Have you verified your change doesn't have any negative impact when viewing it on a mobile or tablet device?
  • Have you verified your change doesn't have any negative impact when viewing it when resizing the browser?
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Last active May 30, 2019
on call rfc

Let's improve current on call process


This is a proposal to make improvements to our current on call process and rotation by sharing the burden of this responsibility across more engineers on the team. The proposal includes creating two separate rotations, splitting the responsibiltiies of these two rotations, and adding everyone that's a software engineer level 1 (frontend or backend) or higher to the new rotation. Continue reading for more details!


Currently, we only have four engineers on the on call rotation which means every two weeks (because we always have a primary and a secondary person on call), every individual has on call responsibilities. This is not sustainable. We also want to improve developer happiness and engagement and prevent putting our quarterly objectives in danger due to on call responsibilities taking up a non-insignificant amount of time and effort every two weeks. An additional benefit is an increase in opportunities for more folks to get familiar with

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Last active Dec 14, 2016
After School Programming

Station 1

Makey Makey

Station 2

Arduino Uno - we'll work with the arduino's to make lights blink, fade, etc. Find some code to help here.


Group Retro and Feedback


First, take about 20 minutes and do a retro about your group experience. What's a retro? Think about our friday whole module retro - positives, negatives, and so-sos and actionable things you can improve to better the situation for next time. Here is a short read that may help define retros if you need a little more context. It may be helpful to revisit your DTR conversation too.


"By not giving me feedback, you're preventing me from growing." -Anonymous Student


Intermediate SQL Workshop

  • Run psql
  • You may need to run CREATE DATABASE intermediate_sql;
  • To exit this shell, you can run CTRL d

Create tables

Let's create some tables in the database.

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  1. Using a Flash

Implement a flash[:notice] in the BooksController #create action for when you successfully create a book.

Extension: Modify your #create action to conditionally create a book depending on whether or not a name is provided. Then create a flash[:error] that holds @book.errors.full_messages.join(", "). Use a dynamic content generator to display the flash notice. Take a look at 20:33 in the Sessions, Cookies, and Flashes video for a refresher on how to do this.

  1. Storing Most Recent Book in the Session
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Group Expectations

Group Member Names:

Project Manager:

Defining the Relationship (DTR) Questions:

  1. When are group members available to work together? What hours can each group member work individually? Are there any personal time commitments that need to be discussed?
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Created Aug 16, 2016
Module 2 Resources
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Last active Aug 5, 2016
Cohort Action Items

Cross Cohort Retro Action Items

Lunch Roulette

Because it's optional, it fell apart but it's super important for mod 1's and 2's. Allow people to opt out on weekly basis or module basis so they don't bail on their group. Perhaps allow people to specify cost of lunch and bringing lunch. Leader - Vido


  • Bathroom hasn't been fixed. Turing call to action.
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