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Last active Dec 16, 2020
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Remove "New! Messenger App for Windows" Banner

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Remove Facebook Messenger's "New! Messenger App for Windows" Banner


  1. Save this bookmarklet. Right-click on boomarks toolbar Add Page...
    • Name: Remove Messenger Banner (or whatever you like)
    • URL: (paste in the bookmarklet.js contents below)
  2. Each time you open, click the bookmarklet and that pesky banner will be gone.

Curious how bookmarklets work? Check out Casey's bookmarklet tutorial


alternatively you could paste the "paste-into-console" one into the javascript console if you want to tinker with it

Browser Extension

This could easily auto-run on the page if it was thrown into a browser extension, I just didn't do it myself. If you do, please share in the comments!

javascript:((document.querySelector('[aria-label="New! Messenger App for Windows"]').parentElement.parentElement.remove())());
document.querySelector('[aria-label="New! Messenger App for Windows"]').parentElement.parentElement.remove()
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