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G C F Bb Eb Ab
1 0 1 2 3 4
F# _ Bb Bb, Eb Bb, Eb, Ab Bb, Eb, Ab, Db
Song Key Starting Note
Gloucestershire Wassail G D (5) -> G (1)
Over The River C (no Bb) G (5)
Jingle Bells F A (3)
Let it Snow (The Weather Outside...) Bb F (5) -> F (5)
Wish you a merry christmas Bb F (5)
Twelve Days Bb F (5)
Deck The Halls Bb F (5)
The Christmas Song (chestnuts) Bb Bb (1)
Sussex Mummers Carol Eb Eb (1) -> Bb (5)
Good King Wencenslas Ab Ab (1)
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