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Coffeescript + Jasmine - Pair Programming Exercise

(don't start this early! lol)


The goal of this exercise is to learn how to pair program effectively. This is also an exercise in test driven development. Lastly, this is a team building exercise! :D

Coffeescript is being chosen as a useful language most Student Developers aren't very familiar with yet (although it's totally okay if you are).

Environment Setup & Background


Scrabble Score

Write a program that, given a word, computes the scrabble score for that word.

Letter Values

You'll need these:

Letter                           Value
A, E, I, O, U, L, N, R, S, T       1
D, G                               2
B, C, M, P                         3
F, H, V, W, Y                      4
K                                  5
J, X                               8
Q, Z                               10


"cabbage" should be scored as worth 14 points:

  • 3 points for C
  • 1 point for A, twice
  • 3 points for B, twice
  • 2 points for G
  • 1 point for E

And to total:

  • 3 + 2*1 + 2*3 + 2 + 1
  • = 3 + 2 + 6 + 3
  • = 5 + 9
  • = 14


  • You can play a :double or a :triple letter.
  • You can play a :double or a :triple word.


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