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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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how to begin your floating dance party
<h4>Streaming Instructions</h4>
<li>Go to the page "Stream it!"</li>
<li>You'll see "you're in the right place :)"</li>
<li>Everyone will count down to 0</li>
<li>When the timer hits 0, a Play Now button will appear - press it as soon as you can!</li>
<li>If you hit the "play now" button late that's no problem at all - when you press "Play Now" it will automatically go to the right place in the music</li>
<h4>Downloaded Instructions</h4>
<li>Before the event, download this to your device by going to "Download Mix!"</li>
<li>Open the track in your mobile device's music playing application</li>
<li>Play the track for a few seconds (to let it buffer), pause it and rewind back to zero</li>
<li>When the timer hits 0 (everyone will be yelling it), press play!</li>
<li>If you hit the play button late, you'll can try to sync up with a friend - fast forward yours, hit pause, then hit play at the right time to get you back on track</li>
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