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Created November 4, 2022 09:16
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About Casino Dog

Wainwright's Casino Dog is a tool to easily re-produce slotmachine frauds that are widely used within casino-industry.

Wainwright refers to David George Wainwright. The main criminal behind most of these scammings. Notoriously known for founding hi2, MineHaus, SuperCasino, Playtech, Playsson

, being responsible for all live gamings in illegal gambling activity (SAGames, BetGames, TVBET, HollywoodTV, Creedzbet).

Casino Dog gives independent and free access to slotmachines of over 20+ game providers that are working together with Entain's & MicroGaming's casino group to actively steal from players.

Casino Dog methods are originally created by EvolutionGaming, SoftSwiss, Gausselmann Group, HollywoodTV, Playtech and Merkur.

Casino Dog was created to showcase this to people within industry. And as this also gives a big unfair advantage to those operating without any of these methods (have yet to find them) I believe that anyone should have access to same resources.

Casino Dog is not a finished product, nor will it ever be, I have no commercial interests within this product so really it is 'as-is'. It is my strong advice to not use this in any production setting and if you do I would like to request for you not use Casino Dog's cheating modules to not further contribute to the issue.

Casino Dog (actually it's just me on my own now) has no commercial activities going on within casino industry at this moment, if this changes in future I will cut this bit out, but these "dogs" (name of tool comes from this) has made impossible for me and they have pushed me out of market for not accepting this fraud on my (legit) own aggregation service.

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Bit more about the Fraud

While games are officially "licensed' and so are these casino's, this bunch of criminals have tasted how much extra foul play is generating

To give you a short & simple example how by design these gambling commissions are (intentionally) failing:

  • Netherlands offers a online gaming license and thus has a gambling commision, which is an official Dutch institution (with only 130~ staff seems already to never be able to catch anything serious) and should safeguard foulplay.
  • BlueOceanGaming (BOG) is, on paper, the aggregator and provider of games through OryxGaming
  • Netherlands Gambling Commission relies on certification from a 3rd party (by design already questionable) that is supposed to do proper testing of the factual outcome over a big number of games.
  • This 3rdparty,, is owned by BlueOceanGaming's chairman Burut Valdi.

Apart from this big fraud, casino's like in the Netherlands are already in violation of their license by hosting their services in jurisdictions where gambling is absolutely prohibited like Iran and U.S.A., while it only takes a simple URLscan to reveal this.

Gambling Commission have approved this, even though they should (and are) aware of the past of these holdings:

  • BlueOceanGaming has been caught multiple times.
  • Evolution Gaming (part of this group) for example has been reprimanded on their NetEnt games for harboring illegal gambling activity in illegal jurisdictions, even though it's not certain if this was just a cash grab by shorting their shares - most likely due inevitable imminent incriminating reports coming out by other parties.
  • Is responsible for PayVision, which has scammed Dutch ING bank for over 300M euro's.
  • Responsible for much illegal jurisdiction gambling activity, like in Asia, China and so on under "Evolution Asia" flag
  • Has been caught before for cheating on slotmachines under "Mirage Enterprise" flag.
  • Responsible for running, a confirmed big Dutch laundry operation.
  • David G. Wainwright confirming it's ties to OryxGaming as seen on this screenshot.
  • This group owns the infamous 1xBet. In addition to being known for never paying out their players it reveals they own 1x2Gaming operations, a party that is open about it's manipulation of games.

The Dutch Gambling Commission after numerous complaints has only "warned" a smaller party (Gammix/EveryMatrix) in response to official complaints. Which in itself is weird as if you are catching one, you should have warned all of them using the exact same software.

Though providers and casino's are pretty much one and the same party, the execution of actual fraud & stealing is done in casino level by making it easy on the gaming provider level which this tool will show.

If they get caught on the gaming provider level they would lose credibillity on all their games on all the casino's, where when getting caught on a casino level it would only mean closure and/or losing a specific jurisdiction on a single casino (see the Gammix example above).

While you can imagine that gambling industry by nature already won't be the cleanest of industries, the scale and amount of laundry of crypto's is of an abbysimal scale.

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