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Simple Clojurescript logging using Google Closure logging tools, now in cljc :)
(ns app.logging
(:refer-clojure :exclude [time])
(:require #?(:clj [ :as log]
:cljs [goog.log :as glog]))
#?(:cljs (:import goog.debug.Console)))
(def logger
(glog/getLogger "app")))
(def levels {:severe goog.debug.Logger.Level.SEVERE
:warning goog.debug.Logger.Level.WARNING
:info goog.debug.Logger.Level.INFO
:config goog.debug.Logger.Level.CONFIG
:fine goog.debug.Logger.Level.FINE
:finer goog.debug.Logger.Level.FINER
:finest goog.debug.Logger.Level.FINEST}))
(defn log-to-console! []
(.setCapturing (goog.debug.Console.) true)))
(defn set-level! [level]
(.setLevel logger (get levels level (:info levels)))))
(defn fmt [msgs]
(apply str (interpose " " (map pr-str msgs))))
(defn info [& s]
(let [msg (fmt s)]
#?(:clj (log/info msg)
:cljs (glog/info logger msg))))
(defn debug [& s]
(let [msg (fmt s)]
#?(:clj (log/debug msg)
:cljs (glog/fine logger msg))))
(defn error [& s]
(let [msg (fmt s)]
#?(:clj (log/error msg)
:cljs (glog/error logger msg))))

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@arichiardi arichiardi commented Oct 4, 2018

Nice! It would be great the other way around, including the Closure logging and ClojureScript.

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