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Created January 5, 2018 20:19
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simple libminiupnpc port mapping usage
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <ifaddrs.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <miniupnpc/miniupnpc.h>
#include <miniupnpc/upnpcommands.h>
#define DELAY_TIME 5000 /* in milliseconds. set it longer because user needs to click allow if there is a firewall */
#define DEFAULT_TTL 2
#define PROTOCOL "TCP"
#define DEFAULT_LEASE "0" /* permanent */
typedef struct
struct UPNPUrls urls;
struct IGDdatas data;
char port[64];
char internalAddress[64];
char externalAddress[64];
} upnp_flow;
void handleReturnCode (int code)
switch (code)
case 0:
case 402:
puts("Invalid Args - See UPnP Device Architecture section on Control.");
case 501:
puts("Action Failed - See UPnP Device Architecture section on Control.");
case 606:
puts("Action not authorized - The action requested REQUIRES authorization and the sender was not authorized.");
case 715:
puts("WildCardNotPermittedInSrcIP - The source IP address cannot be wild-carded");
case 716:
puts("WildCardNotPermittedInExtPort - The external port cannot be wild-carded ConflictInMappingEntry - The port mapping entry specified conflicts");
case 718:
puts("ConflictInMappingEntry - The port mapping entry specified conflicts with a mapping assigned previously to another client");
case 724:
puts("SamePortValuesRequired - Internal and External port values must be the same");
case 725:
puts("OnlyPermanentLeasesSupported - The NAT implementation only supports permanent lease times on port mappings");
case 726:
puts("RemoteHostOnlySupportsWildcard - RemoteHost must be a wildcard and cannot be a specific IP address or DNS name");
case 727:
puts("ExternalPortOnlySupportsWildcard - ExternalPort must be a wildcard and cannot be a specific port value");
case 728:
puts("NoPortMapsAvailable - There are not enough free ports available to complete port mapping.");
case 729:
puts("ConflictWithOtherMechanisms - Attempted port mapping is not allowed due to conflict with other mechanisms.");
case 732:
puts("WildCardNotPermittedInIntPort - The internal port cannot be wild-carded");
puts("undefined error");
/* externalAddress has to be at least 16 bit */
/* map a external port to a same internal port */
/* and print out external address */
void mapInit(upnp_flow *flow)
struct UPNPDev * deviceList;
const char * multicastInterface = NULL;
const char * mini_ssdpd_socket_fd = NULL;
int ipv6 = 0;
int error;
deviceList = upnpDiscover(DELAY_TIME, multicastInterface, mini_ssdpd_socket_fd,
0/*sameport*/, ipv6, DEFAULT_TTL, &error);
struct UPNPUrls *urls = &flow->urls;
struct IGDdatas *data = &flow->data;
if (!deviceList)
printf("upnpDiscover() error code=%d\n", error);
UPNP_GetValidIGD(deviceList, urls, data, flow->internalAddress, sizeof(flow->internalAddress));
char *externalAddress = flow->externalAddress;
handleReturnCode(UPNP_GetExternalIPAddress(urls->controlURL, data->first.servicetype, externalAddress));
void mapPort(int port, upnp_flow *flow)
char *portStr = flow->port;
sprintf(portStr, "%d", port);
struct UPNPUrls *urls = &flow->urls;
struct IGDdatas *data = &flow->data;
char *internalAddress = flow->internalAddress;
handleReturnCode(UPNP_AddPortMapping(urls->controlURL, data->first.servicetype, portStr, portStr, internalAddress, NULL, PROTOCOL, NULL, "3600"));
void removeMapping(upnp_flow *flow)
struct UPNPUrls *urls = &flow->urls;
struct IGDdatas *data = &flow->data;
char *portStr = flow->port;
handleReturnCode(UPNP_DeletePortMapping(urls->controlURL, data->first.servicetype, portStr, PROTOCOL, NULL));
int main()
int port = 9090;
upnp_flow flow;
mapPort(port, &flow);
/* let user know the external address */
printf("download link:\nhttp://%s:%d\n", flow.externalAddress, port);
printf("press enter to exit");
return 0;
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