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Nick Rothwell cassiel

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lp.extrude({'e': 5, 'speed': 5})

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am cassiel on github.
  • I am cassiel ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 2A68 ADDC 2464 C81E D429 47B2 8CE5 D2B4 CEA5 0008

To claim this, I am signing this object:

cassiel / intersect.cljc
Created Aug 21, 2015
2D line intersection test
View intersect.cljc
(defn intersection-2D
"Intersection of two lines in 2D space. No checks for parallel or coincident lines."
[[[x1 y1] [x2 y2]]
[[x3 y3] [x4 y4]]]
(let [denom (- (* (- x1 x2) (- y3 y4))
(* (- y1 y2) (- x3 x4)))
x1y2-y1x2 (- (* x1 y2) (* y1 x2))
x3y4-y3x4 (- (* x3 y4) (* y3 x4))
px-num (- (* x1y2-y1x2 (- x3 x4))
(* (- x1 x2) x3y4-y3x4))
cassiel / forbidden-piano.rb
Created May 2, 2015
Forbidden Piano, for Sonic Pi.
View forbidden-piano.rb
theNotes = [:a2, :a3, :e3, :a4, :g4, :e4]
define :foo do |samp, n|
sample samp,
rate: pitch_ratio(note(n) - note(:a3)),
sustain: 0.05,
release: 0.1,
View cljs-puffdraw-2.cljs
(defn paint
"Paint does the work. Iterate through the circular queue of states, drawing
a fat line from each point to the next (if button down)."
(letfn [(iter [i last-x last-y]
((let [{:keys [button x y]} (nth points i)]
(.move_to g last-x last-y)
(.line_to g x y)
View cljs-puffdraw-1.cljs
(defn bucket-add
"Cycle a new button/x/y into the point stash and force redraw.
Unlike the original Javascript, we
add to the front and remove from the end.
[me state]
(let [old (.-point_stash me)]
(set! (.-point_stash me) (cons state (drop-last old)))
(stash me state)
(.redraw (.-mgraphics me))))
View gist:1864710
from java.util import Map, List
class Manifest:
def __init__(self, h=None, **kw):
for k in kw:
setattr(self, k, kw[k])
if h is not None:
for k in h.iterator():
n = k.getKey().getName()
View gist:1863592
(defn kick
[m_Configuration m_Geometry]
(u/hashify m_Configuration)
(u/hashify m_Geometry)]
(fn [t]
(let [v-fn (if DO_VORONOI
(voronoi-with (* CELL_COLS CELL_SIZE 1/2)
View gist:1863525
(ns oncotrees.util
(:import [org.python.core PyFloat PyInteger PyBoolean PyString
PyList PyInstance PyNone]
[java.util NoSuchElementException]))
(defn hashify [py-object]
(cond (instance? PyNone py-object) nil
(instance? PyInstance py-object)
(letfn [(retr [key] (.__getitem__ (.__dict__ py-object) key))
(de-iter [iter result]
View gist:1863409
class Manifest:
def __init__(self, **kw):
for k in kw:
setattr(self, k, kw[k])
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