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Last active Oct 10, 2015
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Technologies used at Moodstocks

Technologies used at Moodstocks

We are not religious about tech. We will use whatever tool fits the use case.

meme: use all the languages


  • Hosted on AWS cloud (EC2)
  • Image search engine: C/C++ [1] + Lua(JIT) + Ruby + Redis + MessagePack + Beanstalkd
  • API front-end: Ruby + Sinatra + Redis
  • Developers portal: Ruby + Sinatra + Redis
  • New Web products: Python + Flask + Redis


  • Mobile SDK core: C + ARM NEON asm + Tokyo Cabinet + libCURL + MessagePack
  • iOS: Objective C; Android: Java/JNI
  • Desktop uploader: Python + Qt

Corporate website

Wordpress (PHP) [2], hosted at SliceHost.

General (dev)

  • iMac-s
  • Git (internal repos + GitHub)
  • About whatever software you want. We like Sublime Text 2 a lot.

Ask if you want more details on a specific point :)


[1] C++ is legacy, we only use plain C now.

[2] Yeah, I know...

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Hi...nice overview. I tested the Moodstocks-Demo App for iOS and the image processing was really fast (even on a 3GS). Are you using some optimized parts of OpenCV in the SDK core (e.g. detectors/descriptors/matchers)?

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catwell commented Sep 19, 2012

Hello @fonkadelic,

no, we are not using OpenCV. We sometimes use it internally for research purpose, but we have written all of our vision-related code ourselves.

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@fonkadelic FYI we have open sourced the JPEG encoder we have written specifically for the core library. It's called jpec.

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