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Capistrano running clockwork as daemon with upstart
after "deploy:stop", "clockwork:stop"
after "deploy:start", "clockwork:start"
after "deploy:restart", "clockwork:restart"
set :clockwork_roles, :blabla
set :cw_log_file, "#{current_path}/log/clockwork.log"
set :cw_pid_file, "#{current_path}/tmp/pids/"
set :rails_env, ENV['rails_env'] || ''
namespace :clockwork do
desc "Stop clockwork"
task :stop, :roles => :app, :on_no_matching_servers => :continue do
#2>/dev/null skips errors if the file is found but process is not running for some reason
run "if [ -d #{current_path} ] && [ -f #{cw_pid_file} ]; then cd #{current_path} && kill -int $(cat #{cw_pid_file}) 2>/dev/null; else echo 'clockwork was not running' ; fi"
desc "Start clockwork"
task :start, :roles => :app, :on_no_matching_servers => :continue do
run "cd #{current_path}; nohup bundle exec clockwork config/clockwork.rb -e #{rails_env} >> #{current_path}/log/clockwork.log 2>&1 &", :pty => false
# get process id
run "ps -eo pid,command | grep clockwork | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}' > #{cw_pid_file}"
desc "Restart clockwork"
task :restart, :roles => #{clockwork_roles}, :on_no_matching_servers => :continue do

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@causztic causztic commented Apr 1, 2013

Updated my hastily coded tasks to catch the pid correctly and some error scenarios.

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