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Last active May 19, 2018

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Script to automatically execute the steps in Tezzigator baking tutorial on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
git clone -b zeronet
cd tezos
curl | patch -p1
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:avsm/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ocaml-nox opam
opam init
opam update
opam switch "tezos" --alias-of 4.06.1
eval `opam config env`
make build-deps
./tezos-node identity generate 24.
nohup ./tezos-node run --bootstrap-threshold=0 --closed --connections=0 --net-addr= --no-bootstrap-peers --rpc-addr= &
./tezos-client import unencrypted secret key dictator edsk31vznjHSSpGExDMHYASz45VZqXN4DPxvsa4hAyY8dHM28cZzp6
./tezos-client -b genesis activate protocol ProtoALphaALphaALphaALphaALphaALphaALphaALphaDdp3zK with fitness 24 and key dictator and parameters protocol.json
./tezos-client import unencrypted secret key b1 edsk3gUfUPyBSfrS9CCgmCiQsTCHGkviBDusMxDJstFtojtc1zcpsh
./tezos-client import unencrypted secret key b2 edsk39qAm1fiMjgmPkw1EgQYkMzkJezLNewd7PLNHTkr6w9XA2zdfo
./tezos-client import unencrypted secret key b3 edsk4ArLQgBTLWG5FJmnGnT689VKoqhXwmDPBuGx3z4cvwU9MmrPZZ
./tezos-client import unencrypted secret key b4 edsk2uqQB9AY4FvioK2YMdfmyMrer5R8mGFyuaLLFfSRo8EoyNdht3
./tezos-client import unencrypted secret key b5 edsk4QLrcijEffxV31gGdN2HU7UpyJjA8drFoNcmnB28n89YjPNRFm
./tezos-client -A -P 8732 launch daemon --baking
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