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Extracting HB2 Tweet IDs from multiple twarc datasets
# This script requires the jq utility
# Datasets created with twarc
mkdir -p NCHB2-ids
rm NCHB2-ids/NCHB2*
touch NCHB2-ids/NCHB2-ids-with-dupes.txt
# Create more relevant subset of "North Carlina" search
jq -c '{id, text}' North_Carolina/*.json | grep -Eih 'text.*(hb2|bill|bathroom|KeepNCFair)' | jq '.id' >> NCHB2-ids/NCHB2-ids-with-dupes.txt
# Get the IDs for all of the Tweets in the other searches
jq '.id' `find -L . -name "*.json" -not -path "./North_Carolina/*"` >> NCHB2-ids/NCHB2-ids-with-dupes.txt
pushd NCHB2-ids
# Sort IDs and remove duplicates
sort -u NCHB2-ids-with-dupes.txt > NCHB2-ids.txt
# Break into files with 50,000 Tweet IDs each
split -l 50000 NCHB2-ids.txt NCHB2-ids.
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