Example of Malicious Code

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// insert malicious code here...
try {
$script = '
// harmful code
if (!empty($_GET['exec'])) {
// save the file
file_put_contents('./winning.php', $script);
@chmod('./winning.php', 0777);
// run harmful file in background
exec("php ./winning.php > /dev/null 2>&1 &");
} catch (Exception $e) {}
// trigger error
$winning = new DuhWinning();

can you please explain your code?

The code above is in response to a blog post entitled "How to use eval() without using eval() in PHP" by Gonzalo Ayuso. I was merely pointing out security flaws in the non-eval implementation (not that eval is secure) that would allow an attacker to bypass his unlink() call for removing the file, thereby making it persistent. I added some logic to make it run in the background for shits and giggles. It's merely a proof of concept, so it doesn't actually have any real functionality or purpose.

You can read Gonzalo's blog post at

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