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rake routes
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opensearch_catalog_index GET /catalog/opensearch(.:format)
citation_catalog_index GET /catalog/citation(.:format)
email_catalog_index GET /catalog/email(.:format)
sms_catalog_index GET /catalog/sms(.:format)
endnote_catalog_index GET /catalog/endnote(.:format)
send_email_record_catalog_index GET /catalog/send_email_record(.:format)
facet_catalog_index GET /catalog/facet/:id(.:format)
unapi_catalog_index GET /catalog/unapi(.:format)
librarian_view_catalog GET /catalog/:id/librarian_view(.:format)
catalog_index GET /catalog(.:format)
catalog GET /catalog/:id(.:format)
PUT /catalog/:id(.:format)

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