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Activity to restore the safe Loaders behavior of support libraries < 24.0.0 in recent versions
* Inherit from this class to prevent Loaders from being forcefully retained during a configuration change.
* Forceful retain currently causes all stopped Loaders to briefly start, causing unexpected issues for detached fragments.
* This restores the Loaders behavior of support libraries < 24.0.0
* @author Christophe Beyls
* @see <a href="">Bug report</a>
public class SafeLoadersFragmentActivity extends FragmentActivity {
void doReallyStop(boolean retaining) {
// Ensure the Activity Loaders are only stopped once and never restarted during stop
if (!mReallyStopped) {
public Object onRetainCustomNonConfigurationInstance() {
// All loaders are already stopped or retained at that point, but calling this method again
// sets a flag to prevent them from being forcefully retained during the next phase
return super.onRetainCustomNonConfigurationInstance();
* Hack to force update the LoaderManager in RETAINED fragments
* in order to avoid memory leaks and Loaders malfunction. Call this in Fragment.onAttach().
public static void updateLoaderManager(Fragment fragment) {
fragment.mLoaderManager = null;
fragment.mCheckedForLoaderManager = false;

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@cbeyls cbeyls commented Apr 27, 2019

Deprecated. Please migrate to LiveData and ViewModel from architecture components.

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