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My common knitr defaults
# My preferred defaults (may be changed in individual chunks)
opts_chunk$set(tidy=FALSE, warning=FALSE, message=FALSE, cache=TRUE,
comment=NA, verbose=TRUE, fig.width=6, fig.height=4)
# Name the cache path and fig.path based on filename...
opts_chunk$set(fig.path = paste("figure/",
gsub(".Rmd", "", knitr:::knit_concord$get('infile')),
"-", sep=""),
cache.path = paste(gsub(".Rmd", "", knitr:::knit_concord$get('infile') ),
"/", sep=""))
# Set plotting to bw plot default, but with transparent background elements.
# Note transparency requires the panel.background, plot.background, and device background all be set!
theme_update(panel.background = element_rect(fill = "transparent", colour = NA),
plot.background = element_rect(fill = "transparent", colour = NA))
# Set a color-blind friendly pallette
# adapted from
cbPalette <- c("#000000", "#E69F00", "#56B4E9", "#009E73",
"#F0E442", "#0072B2", "#D55E00", "#CC79A7")
# If we have web access (not available from HPC compute nodes) then we can upload figures as we go
opts_knit$set( = socialR::flickr.url)

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@kamilkazmierski kamilkazmierski commented Nov 2, 2020

Thank you so much about the tip on setting device background!

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