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What would you like to do? do |m| = 'MapBox'
m.version = '1.0.3'
m.summary = 'Open source alternative to MapKit.'
m.description = 'Open source alternative to MapKit supporting custom tile sources, offline use, and complete cache control.'
m.homepage = ''
m.license = 'BSD' = { 'MapBox' => '' }
m.screenshot = ''
m.source = { :git => '', :branch => 'release' }
m.platform = :ios
m.ios.deployment_target = '5.0'
m.source_files = 'Proj4/*.h', 'MapView/Map/*.{h,c,m}'
m.requires_arc = true
m.prefix_header_file = 'MapView/MapView_Prefix.pch'
m.pre_install do |pod, target_definition|
Dir.chdir(pod.root) do
command = "xcodebuild -project MapView/MapView.xcodeproj -target Resources CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=../Resources"
unless system(command)
raise ::Pod::Informative, "Failed to generate MapBox resources bundle"
m.resources = 'Resources/MapBox.bundle'
m.documentation = {
:html => '',
:appledoc => [
'--project-company', 'MapBox',
'--docset-copyright', 'MapBox',
'--ignore', '.c',
'--ignore', '.m',
'--ignore', 'Proj4',
'--ignore', 'RMAttributionViewController.h',
'--ignore', 'RMBingSource.h',
'--ignore', 'RMCoordinateGridSource.h',
'--ignore', 'RMDBMapSource.h',
'--ignore', 'RMFoundation.h',
'--ignore', 'RMFractalTileProjection.h',
'--ignore', 'RMGenericMapSource.h',
'--ignore', 'RMGlobalConstants.h',
'--ignore', 'RMLoadingTileView.h',
'--ignore', 'RMMapOverlayView.h',
'--ignore', 'RMMapQuestOpenAerialSource.h',
'--ignore', 'RMMapQuestOSMSource.h',
'--ignore', 'RMMapScrollView.h',
'--ignore', 'RMMapTiledLayerView.h',
'--ignore', 'RMNotifications.h',
'--ignore', 'RMOpenCycleMapSource.h',
'--ignore', 'RMOpenSeaMapLayer.h',
'--ignore', 'RMOpenSeaMapSource.h',
'--ignore', 'RMPixel.h',
'--ignore', 'RMProjection.h',
'--ignore', 'RMTile.h',
'--ignore', 'RMTileImage.h',
'--ignore', 'RMTileSourcesContainer.h',
m.frameworks = 'CoreGraphics', 'CoreLocation', 'Foundation', 'QuartzCore', 'UIKit'
m.libraries = 'Proj4', 'sqlite3', 'z'
m.xcconfig = { 'OTHER_LDFLAGS' => '-ObjC', 'LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS' => '"${PODS_ROOT}/MapBox/Proj4"' }
m.preserve_paths = 'Proj4/libProj4.a', 'MapView/MapView.xcodeproj', 'MapView/Map/Resources'
m.dependency 'FMDB', '2.0'
m.dependency 'GRMustache', '5.4.3'
m.dependency 'SMCalloutView', '1.1'
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