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Caspar Fischer-Zernin

I was the COO and product owner of the SaaS company Pay with a Tweet (now Firal). For two years I saw and experienced what it means to be a developer, it is my dream to be one.

As a product owner I was part of a team that appreciated empathy, honesty and team work as their core principles. However, when it counted I was on the side line not able to assist them. It is no longer enough for me to be part of a team that I cannot actually contribute to.

By attending the dev. bootcamp Makers Academy I complemented my experience in problem solving and agile product development with the knowledge of writing code, and more importantly coding principles. With a good understanding and some experience in writing applications, frontend, backend (with decoupled APIs) and UI, I am now looking for a development team to continue on my journey to becoming a senior developer.