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Last active March 20, 2020 02:37
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global class addBusinessHours {
global class request
@InvocableVariable (label='Start Date' required = true)
global DateTime startDateTime;
@InvocableVariable (label='Business Hours Id' required = true)
global String businessHoursId;
@InvocableVariable (label='Interval To Add (Milliseconds)' required = true)
global Long intervalMilliseconds;
global class response
@InvocableVariable (label='Next Business Date')
global DateTime updatedBusinessDate;
@InvocableMethod(label='Professor Flow | Add Business Hours' description='Adds an interval of time from a start Datetime traversing business hours only. Returns the result Datetime in the local time zone.')
global static List<response> getUpdatedBusinessDate (List<request> inputParams)
List<response> responseList = new List<response>();
DateTime updatedDate;
if(inputParams != null && inputParams.size()> 0)
for(request pf : inputParams){
updatedDate = BusinessHours.add(pf.businessHoursId, pf.startDateTime, pf.intervalMilliseconds);
response rs = new response();
rs.updatedBusinessDate = updatedDate;
return responseList;
global class addBusinessHoursTest
@isTest static void check_NextBusinessDate()
Profile sysadminprofile = [select Id, name from profile where Name='System administrator' limit 1];
User adminUser = [select Id,Name from user where profileId= :sysadminprofile.Id and isactive=true limit 1];
BusinessHours bhoursId = [select Id from BusinessHours where Name='Default' limit 1];
List<addBusinessHours.request> inputparams = new List<addBusinessHours.request>();
//record 1
addBusinessHours.request pf = new addBusinessHours.request();
pf.startDateTime =;
pf.businessHoursId = bhoursId.Id;
pf.intervalMilliseconds = 3600000;
List<addBusinessHours.response> response = addBusinessHours.getUpdatedBusinessDate(inputparams);
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