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Last active Dec 21, 2015
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Pythonista's canvas module's graphics origin (0, 0) is at the bottomLeft. "with flippedDisplay": will temporarily switch the graphics origin to be at the topLeft.
import canvas, scene
from contextlib import contextmanager
def privateGstate():
"""Save the canvas.gstate and then restore it when leaving the 'with' clause."""
try: yield None
finally: canvas.restore_gstate()
def privateMatrix():
"""Save the scene.matrix and then restore it when leaving the 'with' clause."""
try: yield None
finally: scene.pop_matrix()
def flippedDisplay():
"""Flip the display so that the origin is the topLeft instead of the bottomLeft.
Restore the origin to bottomLeft when leaving the 'with' clause."""
canvas.scale(1, -1)
canvas.translate(0, -screenHeight)
try: yield None
finally: canvas.restore_gstate()
screenHeight = 512
circleHeight = 128
colorBlue = (0, 0, 1)
colorGreen = (0, 1, 0)
colorRed = (1, 0, 0)
def coloredCircle(inColor, inX, inY):
canvas.fill_ellipse(inX, inY, circleHeight, circleHeight)
canvas.set_size(screenHeight * 1.42, screenHeight)
with privateGstate(): # Save and then restore the canvas.gstate
canvas.rotate(89) # Text on an angle.
canvas.draw_text('Green on top -->', 154, 0, 'Helvetica', 36)
canvas.draw_text('<-- Red and Blue on bottom', 282, 52, 'Helvetica', 36)
x = 20 + circleHeight
coloredCircle(colorRed, 10, 10) # Red circle appears at bottom.
with flippedDisplay(): # Change origin to topLeft instead of bottomLeft.
coloredCircle(colorGreen, x, 10) # Green circle appears at top.
coloredCircle(colorBlue, x, 10) # Blue circle appears at bottom.
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cclauss commented Aug 26, 2013

Added coloredCircle() to increase readability.

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