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Learning about meditation

Meditation notes

Thanks to Bhante Sujato
Let peace come to you

About the practice of meditation

  • Number one, relax
  • There’s no 'right way' to meditate
  • Whatever arises during meditation, it’s okay, let it come and let it go (the mind is chaotic and messy, it's okay)
  • Notice your thoughts and emotions, don’t judge them, let them come and let them go
  • Don’t try to solve anything during meditation
  • Keep letting go, creating space in your mind

At the end of each meditation

At the end of each meditation is the time to reflect and learn:

  • What just happened?
  • How did I use my mind?
  • How did my mind change during the course of the meditation?
  • How do I feel now compared with when I started?

The mind is a garden to tend to regularly and gradually, not an engineering project ;-)

Notes on breath meditation
Notes on metta meditation
Metta meditation, video from a New York retreat

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