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Tex into Tumblr
Step 1: Go to the theme of your Tumblr account,
and add the following code snippet above the </head>:
<script type="text/javascript"
Step 2: Use LaTeX as normal:
MathJax has two different ways to begin a TeX section,
\( for in-line TeX and \[ for paragraph formatting.
These sections would be closed using \) and \] respectively.
The equations show above, are produced by writing
this in the text of the post:
#Title: Embedding \(\LaTeX\) in Tumblr
The classic Pythagorean identity is:
\(sin^2(\theta) + cos^2(\theta) =1 \)
The binomial formula which calculates the probability
of obtaining k tails when flipping a coin n times,
with a assumed probability p for each trial is:
\( P(E) = {n \choose k} p^k (1-p)^{ n-k} \)
Finally, the normal (Gaussian) distribution defined by
mean \(\mu\) and variance \(\sigma^2\) is:
\[f(x; \mu, \sigma^2) = \frac{1}{\sigma \sqrt{2\pi}} e^{-\frac{1}{2} (\frac{x-\mu}{\sigma})^2} \]
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