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@cdesch cdesch/digitalnote
Created Mar 19, 2018

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aws s3 cp p2pstate.bin s3://digitalnotewallet/2018-01-07/p2pstate.bin
aws s3 cp blockchainindices.dat s3://digitalnotewallet/2018-01-07/blockchainindices.dat
aws s3 cp blockindexes.dat s3://digitalnotewallet/2018-01-07/blockindexes.dat
aws s3 cp blocks.dat s3://digitalnotewallet/2018-01-07/blocks.dat
aws s3 cp blockscache.dat s3://digitalnotewallet/2018-01-07/blockscache.dat
aws s3 cp s3://digitalnotewallet/2018-01-07/
MD5 Checksum ea08e20688f777818113a2d82b2c8dbc
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MD5 Checksum ea08e20688f777818113a2d82b2c8dbc
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