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from math import sin, cos, atan, asin, sqrt, radians
w = 1.2 #wheelbase
v = 6 #speed in meters/sec of bike
g = 9.8 #constant of gravity in meters/sec
r = 10000000000 #radius of the turn
height = 0.75 #height of the center of mass
h = .5 #half of the length of the handlebar
t = 0.035 #half of the width of the tire
l = 0.8381 #length of the body of the actuator + 1.5 of the length of the fully extended actuator
c = 72 #caster angle in degrees
rate = 0.22987 #rate of motor
cel = 0.8381 #current extention length of actuator
c = radians(c)
angle = (w*cos(atan(v**2/g*r)+asin(t*(sin(c)/(height-t)))))/r*cos(c) #needed steer angle of bike for desired turn
rawdist = (sqrt((l+h*sin(angle))**2+((h-h*cos(angle))**2))) #distance that the actuator must travel
rawdist = float('{:.3f}'.format(rawdist))
dist = rawdist-cel #total distance from actuator mount to new place to move
sec = dist/rate #number of seconds for the motors to run to make the needed changes to the bike handle bar poss
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