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Last active November 18, 2016 09:40
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if ( ! like == $product && ! function_exists( 'affiliate_program' ) {
if ( true == $affiliate ) {
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kravco commented Nov 18, 2016


I found your article about Wordpress deployment workflow and I followed to affiliate disclosure information. I cannot agree more with what you state there, but there is a thing, your code-like description of what you are doing is little flawed :)

Basicly it says, that you would use any affiliate program, whether you like the product or not.

Lines 3--5 in common english: If i don't like the product AND it does not have an affiliate program then get out.

It means you get out only if both assumptions are fulfilled, therefore any existing affiliate program means, you would not get out.

The key is the AND that should be OR to match the article. De Morgan's Laws got you and you are definitely not the first or the last one :)

Have a nice day and get rich!

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