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Works for macOS Sierra and High Sierra (Improved version)

Taken from StackExchange

Thanks to LangLangC

For temperature and other improvements see

This method leaves brightness control enabled

Reset SMC

Shutdown, unplug everything except power and hold

leftShift + Ctrl + Option + Power 

I holded for 5 seconds, but holding just for an instant should work

Reset NVRAM: Power up and hold

Command + Option + p + r

Until you hear the startup chime two times.

Shutdown computer

Power up and boot into Single User Recovery by holding

if you are on high sierra 10.13.6+ you might need to use Command + r instead

Command + r + s

Disable SIP (This takes a bit to complete so wait for it)

csrutil disable

Disable Discrete GPU on boot by running

nvram fa4ce28d-b62f-4c99-9cc3-6815686e30f9:gpu-power-prefs=%01%00%00%00

Enable verbose boot mode (This will show text everytime you boot up, shutdown or restart your mac)

nvram boot-args="-v"



Boot into Single User-mode by holding

Command + s

It might look as if it hanged, but press enter and you should see the shell (root#)

Mount root partition writeable

/sbin/mount -uw /

Make a kext-backup directory

mkdir -p /System/Library/Extensions-off

Move ONLY ONE offending kext out of the way

mv /System/Library/Extensions/AMDRadeonX3000.kext  /System/Library/Extensions-off/

Inform the system to update its kextcache:

touch /System/Library/Extensions/



It will show a bunch of text in the screen (don't be alarmed, let it finish) and then it will restart again In second restart it will show text in the screen again and then it will show normal login screen Your computer now should work properly (dGPU off and iGPU on, shown as i in gfxCardStatus


If an update that contains changes to the AMD drivers is about to take place it is advisable to move back the AMDRadeonX3000.kext to its default location before the update process. Otherwise the updater writes at least another kext of a different version to its default location or at worst you end up with an undefined state of partially non-matching drivers.

After any system update the folder /System/Library/Extensions has to be checked for the offending kext. Its presence there will lead to e.g. a boot hang on Yosemite and Sierra, an overheating boot-loop in High Sierra.

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Sp-cy commented Feb 27, 2024

If any of you are totally unable to boot into Mac-OS, this happened to me at some point and I was left between losing total usability of the laptop or installing Linux, so I installed Pop!_OS at first and then changed to Ubuntu just because it's update cycle is more frequent. I left a very messy log of the process in my blog, I apologize for the adhd mess of the write up, but it works: [How I Installed Ubuntu 23.04 on a Late 2011 Macbook Pro (for the Second Time)](

Unlike OS X, everything works fine on Linux, maybe battery life is not as good but the rest might be even better. For me it was just impossible to access Apple servers to reinstall the OS on a completely wiped SSD, so this was my best option. Hope this works for any of you that is left with an unusable laptop due to Apple's neglect.

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Due to not being able to use Parsec (Metal support), I installed Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro 8,3 and it works beautifully. Highly recommend it! It's a dual boot, so if I want to go into macOS, I still can. I have since moved onto using Sunshine/Moonlight and haven't tested it in macOS as yet.

Of course, you will still need to be able to turn the MacBook on in order to do anything and disable the dGPU. Usually a quick blast of a heat gun over the dGPU will get you going again. Just please remove the motherboard and anything you can before using the heat gun on it, or you can expect some melted plastic! The one time I was lazy and didn't feel like removing the board from the case, and boy do I regret it!

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