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var people = ["Alice", "Bob", "Carol", "Dave", "Ed"];
var n = people.length;
var i, j;
for(i = 0; i < n; i++){
for(j = i + 1; j < n; j++){
console.log(people[i] + ", " + people[j]);

Downloading an Entire Web Site with wget

$ wget \
     --recursive \
     --no-clobber \
     --page-requisites \
     --html-extension \
     --convert-links \
     --restrict-file-names=windows \
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// Ternary Operator
const answer = x > 10 ? 'greater than 10' : 'less than 10';
// Toggle function
function toggle() {
foo = !foo;
return foo;
// Short-circuit Evaluation
git branch -r | grep -v '\->' | while read remote; do git branch --track "${remote#origin/}" "$remote"; done
git fetch --all
git pull --all

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C100P (veyron_minnie) is the world's first 10" convertible Chromebook with a full metal chassis, so a user can go from laptop to tablet form factor in a snap. The ASUS Chromebook Flip is powered by a Rockchip quad-core processor with 2GB RAM for incredible performance.

It has a 10-finger multi-touch screen, with a comfortable wide key-pitch keyboard and up to 8 hours battery life for all-day mobile use. The connectivity with dual-band WiFi 802.11ac & BT4.0 support can also provide up to 3 times the speed of 802.11n for faster data transfer. Carved from a single block of aluminum for a seamless design, the ASUS Chromebook Flip is not only beautiful, but durable, too.

These instructions will create a dual-booting environment where you can switch between booting Arch Linux ARM and the stock ChromeOS. No changes are made to the internal eMMC drive, and your new Arch Linux ARM install will run completely from external storage. This is the recommended setup for those that just want to tak


Single-File Style


    Toolbar {{msg}}


Scan all live IPs on network

arp -a -n | awk '!/incomplete/'

Rename all extensions in a directory

rename 's/.old$/.new/' *.old
aws --profile production cognito-idp list-users --user-pool-id us-west-2_XXXXXXXXX --output table > ~/users.txt
git ls-files | xargs wc -l
git ls-files | xargs cat | wc -l
git ls-files | xargs -n1 git blame --line-porcelain | sed -n 's/^author //p' | sort -f | uniq -ic | sort -nr
git log --shortstat --author="Your Name" | grep -E "fil(e|es) changed" | awk '{files+=$1; inserted+=$4; deleted+=$6; delta+=$4-$6; ratio=deleted/inserted} END {printf "Commit stats:\n- Files changed (total).. %s\n- Lines added (total).... %s\n- Lines deleted (total).. %s\n- Total lines (delta).... %s\n- Add./Del. ratio (1:n).. 1 : %s\n", files, inserted, deleted, delta, ratio }' -