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stuff that's wrong with my Oldsmobile
# stuff that's wrong with my Oldsmobile
* strange, ominous clunking noises from the front end while turning or going over bumps
* head gasket is screwed (oil in my coolant and coolant in my oil)
* front passenger side door handle is broken off
* front driver side door usually doesn't open
* ABS doesn't work
* A/C doesn't work
* muffler is rusted in half (currently taped together)
* transmission slips in 4th gear
* gas mileage has recently dropped to ~15mpg
* front passenger-side window doesn't open
* interior lights dont work
* everything is rusted through; I have quite a collection of rusted-off bolts and other parts in the trunk
* speakers from the front driver-side door have fallen out
* the panel around the interior driver-side door panel has fallen out
* vacuum system needs several new hoses
* (minor, but) serpentine belt is worn out and nicked
* 197k miles
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