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Photoshop Scripting
/* eslint-env photoshop */
* New 3D Layer from File.
* @param {String} modelFilepath Absolute path to the 3D file
* Examples:
* `addLayer3D('C:\\example\\scene.wrl');`
* `addLayer3D('C:\\example\\scene.dae');`
* `addLayer3D('C:\\example\\scene.obj');`
* `addLayer3D('C:\\example\\scene.stl');`
function addLayer3D(modelFilepath){
var list1 = new ActionList();
var desc1 = new ActionDescriptor();
list1.putPath(new File(modelFilepath));
desc1.putList(stringIDToTypeID('fileList'), list1);
executeAction(stringIDToTypeID('add3DLayerFromFile'), desc1, DialogModes.NO);
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