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Created February 13, 2018 13:19
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Parse csv data in python
import json
import sys
import time
material_specular_metalness = 0
material_albedo_diffuse = 0
material_specular_metalness_off = 0
def process_line(line):
fields = line.split(',', 1 )
model_id = fields[0]
materials = fields[1].replace('\"\"','\"')
materials_cleaned = materials[1:-2]
materials_json = json.loads(materials_cleaned)
del materials_json['updatedAt'] # remove this field from the dict
material_albedo = False
material_diffuse = False
material_metalness = False
material_specular = False
global material_specular_metalness
global material_albedo_diffuse
global material_specular_metalness_off
for material_id, mat in materials_json.iteritems():
channels = mat['channels']
diffuse_pbr = channels['DiffusePBR']
albedo_pbr = channels['AlbedoPBR']
metalness_pbr = channels['MetalnessPBR']
specular_pbr = channels['SpecularPBR']
if diffuse_pbr['enable']:
material_diffuse = True
if albedo_pbr['enable']:
material_albedo = True
if metalness_pbr['enable']:
material_metalness = True
if specular_pbr['enable']:
material_specular = True
if metalness_pbr is False and specular_pbr is False:
material_specular_metalness_off += 1
return model_id
if material_albedo and material_diffuse:
material_albedo_diffuse += 1
return model_id
if material_metalness and material_specular:
material_specular_metalness += 1
return model_id
return None
def parse(filename):
first_line = True
global material_specular_metalness
global material_albedo_diffuse
global material_specular_metalness_off
with open(filename,"r") as file:
for line in file:
if first_line:
first_line = False
modelid = process_line(line)
if modelid is not None:
print modelid
print 'case specular/metalness {}, albedo/diffuse {}, specular/metalness off {}'.format(material_specular_metalness,material_albedo_diffuse,material_specular_metalness_off)
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
print 'usage: {} data.cvs'.format(sys.argv[0])
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