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Aeontec, raspberryPi3, openHabian, openHab, FIbaro sensor
Here are my notes since i am still strugling to make it work, it may help you
* rapsberry PI 3 with Linux openHABianPi 4.4.0-1-rpi2 #1 SMP Debian 4.4.6-1+rpi14 (2016-05-05) armv7l GNU/Linux
* openHAB 2.0.0-1 (Release Build) on /dev/ttyACM0
* Latest AEONtec Gen5 USB
* Fibaro FGMS001-001 ZW5 Motion Sensor firmware v3.2
* Vision plus zwave plus siren
Attention: Order a lamp or something not harmful (like a siren that run for 30s) to test your automation rules
Download image openHabian, using win32disk to write it to a big SDram 64Gb.
-> A small SDcard will work but to reduce Wear-Leveling it is better to have lot of space to write into to reduce strain on cluster
With the AeonTec dongle not connected to pi, press once till a blue light is blinking (learning mode)
place it near every device, press 3 times for Fibaro senssor till it is recognized, only once during one second for Siren.
When all your device are recognized exit the recognition mode by pressing again on the USB dongle.
Connect dongle now to Pi, insert SDcard and boot. It will take like 30 min to download everything from internet.
Connect using your browser to the interface http://ip-of-pi:8080/paper-ui
Go to add-ons and install as much as you may need, required for now are
* Binding - zwave
* Interface - HABmin (used later)
At this point you should get in Inbox the dongle recognized, add it, the port will be asked, use /dev/ttyACM0
Some seconds later all your device will appear in inbox, if not, use ssh connect to pi (login: pi/raspberry) and issue an
sudo init 6 or sudo service openhab restart
You will see lots of erratic behavior that only can be solved with a restart...
You should have all your sensor under "Things" added, set their name to something clearer, like msensor1
Click on each of them, you will see their channels or capabilities, for each of them create "Items"
As soon as you create one items, you can see the state of that sensor in
If only -NaN or NaN is displayed, you have to either wait or wake up the sensor by pressiong once on it button near the dongle (less < 1 meter)
Strange behavior:
* Removing a "Things" do not remove its "Items" -> you need to manualy remove them
* sometimes you can remove a Things or Items, an error 404 is displayed in the right bottom corner, do a restart and these Things or Items wont be there
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